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Educating to save lives

In March 2012, 24 year old premier league football player Fabrice Muamba suddenly collapsed, 43 minutes into a match. His heart stopped and he suffered a cardiac arrest. He received immediate ‘chest compressions’ on the pitch which kept his heart beating and ‘rescue breaths’ to maintain oxygen in his system,  known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. Following a lengthy hospital admission, he survived and made a full, remarkable recovery. CPR saves lives.



Norway has the highest rate in the world of surviving a cardiac arrest out-of-hospital because 75% of people standing by are trained to provide immediate CPR.


Training has been part of their school curriculum since 1961. Saltworth Health offers novel, engaging and interesting CPR courses for school students, challenging them out of their comfort zone. We educate students to save lives in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment, whilst instilling the knowledge and confidence to act when the need arises.


Saltworth Health is also committed to saving lives by educating young people in disadvantaged communities in great need of training. For every two students trained on our courses, we provide free First Aid education to an eligible student in Sub-Saharan Africa. Schools therefore impact world communities by simply taking our courses, but can choose to do more by participating in special projects we run such as First Aid 141 (One for One).


An average adult spends 50% of their waking hours at work, making it the ideal place to educate people.Investment in first aid and CPR training is an investment in society.


We offer the  solution for organisations wishing to train employees to simply manage emergencies. First Aid training reduces and limits the impact of accidents and illness at work and at home. Our innovative methods of delivery and training locations also make for great team-building days, fun health and safety inductions for new starters, or away days for staff, boosting morale and productivity at work.


Additionally booking our courses helps provide free first aid training to people in Sub-Saharan Africa with challenges accessing emergency healthcare. Training with us demonstrates corporate social responsibility. Together, we can do more. Find out about our courses for a cause and feel free to get in touch.



Join our campaign and encourage others to learn CPR today. When asked why it’s important, simply reply #BecauseOfMe. Nominate and tag your family, friends and colleagues to become educated using our hashtag.


Because, one day their knowledge may also save YOUR life.